Ah, villains! The handsome and the headless, the quick and the not so quick-- see the Invisible Man in a new light! Attila the Hun! The Wicked Witch of the West!

What makes the Wolf so big and bad? How did the Horseman lose his head? Should you trust Morgan le Fay to hold your sword?

Now with even more evil per page, Villainology features 15 brand-new interviews with the vilest of the vile! All this and more in the hilarious, frightening and occasionally informative followup to 2005 hit Monsterology!

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"Arthur Slade gets kid humor... children will huff and puff with laughter... Derek Mah's illustrations are scarily playful... [with a] vivacity and delicious strangeness.
Highly Recommended"
Shannon Ozirny - CM Magazine

"Think you know your villains? If you're a little shaky on your evildoers, Villainology offers chills and thrills but mostly giggles."
Deborah Wiles - Chronicle Herald

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Get up close and personal with villains so evil that we are required by law to show you only three of them at a time!