Candid, cool interviews with today's hippest monsters. The inside scoop on Dracula! The Loch Ness Monster! Frankenstein's Monster!

Ever wonder why Dracula always wears black? How mummies stop the itching from all those wrappings? How about learning the deepest, darkest thoughts of Frankenstein's Monster?

Well, hey! This is the book for you. Scary! Hip! Funny! Jam-packed with 15 great monsters! 15 great biographies! You'll die laughing. Or gurgling!

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"Monsters from folklore and literature are given star treatment by Governor General's Award winner Arthur Slade. Derek Mah's full page pictures show with panache the attraction of a Medusa, Dracula, or Loki."
Quill & Quire

"Two thumbs up!"
Owl Magazine

"Slade lets fly with vernacular so hip that it might hurt were it not so appropriate for his intended audience."
The Globe and Mail

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